mac 装双系统..

1.U盘格式化为ms-dos(fat)  主引导记录..注意U盘名字不能是中文..否则格式化失败

2.无法创建可引导的USB驱动器—-要先在磁盘工具里面移除 windows 的ISO!


4.不能装docker  说虚拟化不能开启…任务管理器.cpu可以看到

It sounds like you\’re running into the same issue I did, where after booting into Windows the VT-x shows as \’Disabled\’ in Task Manager.

Not sure how or why, but after going into

  • OS X
  • System Preferences
  • Target Disk
  • Select the BOOTCAMP disk as the startup disk

Everything was well after that and I could happily use Hyper-V, even from a cold boot.

If I cold booted using the Options-key, and then selecting Windows, VT-x was disabled in Task Manager.

Go figure. Could some Mac genius out there explain this one?

This thread explains that you have to boot using the CSM-BIOS layer. ; In addition it also provides a command line to permanently fix this problem. First use diskutil list to work out Windows partition, then sudo /usr/sbin/bless --device /dev/disk0s4 --setBoot --legacy --legacydrivehint /dev/disk0 – Chui Tey Dec 23 \’16 at 23:10

接着上面的说,这个在mac本上就没有BIOS主板系统,但是昂贵的Mac肯定也是有虚拟化服务的~只不过Mac本不是手动启动,而是每次启动完OSX系统自动启动~ 但是如果 第一次启动的是 bootcamp的Windows 系统 那么 这个 虚拟化是启动不了的。。。这时候有一个解决办法就是先启动OSX系统,再更具目标磁盘重启到bootcamp的Windows系统~ 参考下图~

通过这个启动盘重启的Windows虚拟化是 打开的状态~ 如下图

虚拟化状态打开后就可以下载安装 HoloLens 的模拟器了 ~ 而且在开发调试中 也一定要把虚拟化打开